Colloquia 201-400

201 22 October 1964 Professor H. Wielandt (Tübingen)
The structure of composite groups
202 29 October 1964 Dr J. W. S. Cassels (Cambridge)
Sums of squares
203 5 November 1964 Professor B. H. Neumann (Canberra)
Some problems of B. I. Plotkin
204 3 December 1964 Professor F. Levin (Rutgers and Queen Mary College)
Adjunctions to groups
205 10 December 1964 Professor R. C. Lyndon (Ann Arbor and Queen Mary College)
Cancellation in free groups and free products
206 15 January 1965 Dr C. T. C. Wall (Oxford)
A problem in algebra motivated by topology
207 22 January 1965 Dr O. H. Kegel (Frankfurt am Main)
On weak normalizer conditions
208 29 January 1965 Dr O. H. Kegel (Frankfurt am Main)
On weak normalizer conditions
209 12 February 1965 Professor O. Taussky-Todd (California Institute of Technology)
Characteristic polynomials of integral symmetric matrices
210 19 February 1965 Dr I. J. Mohamed (Birkbeck College)
Subnormality and nilpotency
211 26 February 1965 Dr M. C. R. Butler (Liverpool)
A class of torsion free abelian groups of finite rank
212 5 March 1965 Dr J. Roseblade (Manchester)
The permutability of incompatible subnormal
213 12 March 1965 Professor W. Gaschütz (University of Kiel)
Outer automorphisms of p-groups
214 19 March 1965 Dr R. Carter (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
The F-normalizers of a finite soluble
215 29 April 1965 Dr D. E. Cohen (Birkbeck College)
Metabelian varieties have finitely based laws
216 6 May 1965 Dr R. Laxton (Sussex)
On Artin’s conjecture on p-adic forms
217 13 May 1965 Dr T. V. Armitage (Durham)
The Riemann-Roch theorem and Euclid’s algorithm in function fields
218 27 May 1965 Dr P. M. Cohn (Queen Mary College)
Some remarks on the structure of
219 3 June 1965 Dr A. Wagner (Imperial College)
Finite classical groups
220 14 October 1965 Dr K. W. Gruenberg (Queen Mary College)
Projective profinite groups
221 21 October 1965 Mr Tsu Ann Peng (Queen Mary College)
Finite soluble groups with an Engel condition
222 28 October 1965 Professor B. Huppert (University of Mainz)
The Gaschütz theory of formation
223 4 November 1965 Professor A. P. Ogg (Cambridge)
Elliptic curves
224 11 November 1965 Professor D. Livingstone (University of Michigan and Westfield
A representation of the Janko group
225 25 November 1965 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Radical modules over a Dedekind domain
226 2 December 1965 Professor D. J. Lewis (Cambridge and Ann Arbor)
An application of Bauer’s theorem to Diophantine equations
227 9 December 1965 Professor J. J. Rotman (Queen Mary College and University of
The Grothendieck group of torsion-free groups of finite rank
228 13 January 1966 Dr R. Brown (Hull)
Groupoids and van Kampen’s theorem
229 27 January 1966 Dr I. G. Macdonald (Oxford)
Zeta functions
230 3 February 1966 Dr John W. Gray (Illinois)
Fibred and cofibred categories
231 10 February 1966 Professor I. Kaplansky (Chicago and Queen Mary College)
Quadratic forms
232 24 February 1966 Dr G. Michler (Frankfurt)
Maximal nilpotent subrings of right Noetherian
233 3 March 1966 Dr D. J. S. Robinson (Queen Mary College)
Residual properties of some classes of infinite soluble groups
234 10 March 1966 Professor H. Flanders (Purdue and University College)
Exterior powers of modules
235 28 April 1966 Dr A. Lue (King’s College)
Non-Abelian cohomology of algebras
236 9 May 1966 Professor P. Hall (Cambridge)
Possibilities and improbabilities for infinite
simple groups
237 12 May 1966 Professor D. Buchsbaum (Brandeis)
Complexes in commutative algebra
238 17 May 1966 Professor J. Tate (Harvard)
Formal groups
239 2 June 1966 Professor G. Baumslag (New York and Oxford)
The residual nilpotence of certain one-relator
240 20 October 1966 Dr P. M. Cohn (Queen Mary College)
Bezout rings
241 3 November 1966 Dr V. Armitage (Durham)
A theorem of Hecke in number fields and function fields
242 10 November 1966 Dr A. Pfister (Göttingen and Cambridge)
Quadratic forms over arbitrary fields
243 24 November 1966 Professor G. Higman (Oxford)
A minor theorem of Feit-Higman
244 1 December 1966 Mr J. T. Knight (Cambridge)
Riemann surfaces and arithmetic
245 8 December 1966 Dr J. R. Strooker (Utrecht)
Proving a category Abelian – the case of
246 26 January 1967 Professor J. K. Goldhaber (Maryland and King’s College)
Projective planes and quadratic forms
247 2 February 1967 Professor E. C. Dade (California Institute of Technology and King’s
Characters of solvable groups
248 9 February 1967 Mr A. J. Bowtell (Westfield College)
Rings which are embeddable in groups but not in fields
249 23 February 1967 Dr A. Learner (Queen Mary College)
Polycyclic groups are unimodular groups: an
elementary proof
250 9 March 1967 Professor P. J. Hilton (Cornell and Zürich)
Additive relations
251 11 May 1967 Professor G. E. Wall (Sydney and Warwick)
Automorphisms of odd order groups
252 30 May 1967 Professor J. L. Alperin (Chicago and Warwick)
Local and global theorems in finite groups
253 1 June 1967 Dr R. R. Laxton (Nottingham)
On groups of linear recurrences
254 8 June 1967 Professor T. A. Springer (Utrecht)
Rationality properties in linear algebraic
255 29 June 1967 Joint meeting with Geometry Seminar
Professor O. Zariski (Harvard)

The problem of equisingularity
256 19 October 1967 Professor W. E. Deskins (Michigan State and Westfield College)
Automorphisms of finite groups
257 26 October 1967 Dr D. E. Cohen (Imperial College)
Characteristic subgroups of some relatively free groups
258 2 November 1967 Dr W. Stephenson (Queen Mary College)
Torsion radicals for modules
259 23 November 1967 Dr D. B. Epstein (Warwick)
Functors and group representations
260 30 November 1967 Professor J. Ax (Cornell and Queen Mary College)
Local diophantine problems
261 8 December 1967 Professor A. Heller (Illinois)
Abstract homotopy theory
262 25 January 1968 Professor L. Small (Berkeley and Leeds)
Homological dimension and 0-divisors
263 1 February 1968 Dr D. J. Collins (Queen Mary)
The word problem
264 8 February 1968 Dr B. Hartley (Warwick)
Residually nilpotent wreath products
265 13 February 1968 Professor B. Eckmann (Zürich)
Homological methods in group theory
266 22 February 1968 Dr H. Heineken (Frankfurt)
On certain infinite soluble groups
267 26 February 1968 Dr H. Heineken (Frankfurt)
Groups with closure properties with respect to
268 29 February 1968 Professor R. M. Fossum (Illinois)
Class groups of Noetherian rings
269 4 March 1968 Professor R. M. Fossum (Illinois)
Class groups of not necessarily Noetherian
270 7 March 1968 Professor R. M. Fossum (Illinois)
Maximal orders over Krull domains
271 14 March 1968 Professor A. Rosenberg (Cornell)
Brauer groups of inseparable fields
272 1 May 1968 Dr D. J. S. Robinson (Queen Mary College)
Minimax groups
273 9 May 1968 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Rings with involution and Hermitian forms
274 16 May 1968 Dr S. Breitsprecher (Giessen and Westfield College)
Cohomology and pro-p-groups and triples
275 23 May 1968 Dr P. M. Neumann (Oxford)
SQ-universal groups
276 30 May 1968 Professor C. T. C. Wall (Liverpool)
Generalised Brauer and Picard groups
277 6 June 1968 Professor J. W. S. Cassels (Cambridge)
Factorisation of polynomials in several
278 10 October 1968 Professor P. M. Cohn (Bedford College)
Equations over skew fields
279 17 October 1968 Professor E. Assmus (Lehigh and Queen Mary College)
Combinatorial designs and their automorphism
280 24 October 1968 Professor B. Mitchell (ETH, Zürich)
Graphs raise global dimension by one
281 28 October 1968 Professor B. Mitchell (ETH, Zürich)
Introduction to category theory, I
282 30 October 1968 Professor B. Mitchell (ETH, Zürich)
Introduction to category theory, II
283 31 October 1968 Professor R. Sridharan (ETH, Zürich)
Derivations in central separable algebras
284 4 November 1968 Professor R. Sridharan (ETH, Zürich)
Galois theory for purely inseparable
285 7 November 1968 Dr P. J. Higgins (King’s College)
Baer invariants and the Birkhoff-Witt theorem
286 14 November 1968 Dr A. Camina (East Anglia)
Groups with metacyclic Sylow 2-subgroups
287 28 November 1968 Dr R. Brown (Hull)
Fibrations of groupoids
288 5 December 1968

Professor K. W. Gruenberg (Queen Mary)
Projective group extensions
289 23 January 1969 Professor K. Hoechsmann (British Columbia)
Products in sheaf-cohomology
290 30 January 1969 Professor P. J. Hilton (Cornell)
Constructing cohomology theories
291 6 February 1969 Professor J. Moore (Princeton and Paris)
TorLambda(k,k) and its relation to
differential derived functors
292 13 February 1969 Dr P. J. Landin (Queen Mary College)
Applications of algebra to computer programming
293 24 February 1969 Professor J. Tate (Harvard and I.H.E.S)
Gauss’ first proof of quadratic reciprocity, and the K2 of global fields
294 27 February 1969 Professor G. Rinehart (Cornell and Strasbourg)
Derived functors with non-abelian domain –
examples and applications
295 6 March 1969 Professor H. Bass (I.H.E.S. and Columbia)
Congruence subgroups
296 13 March 1969 Professor S. Stonehewer (Warwick)
Some semi-simple group algebras
297 1 May 1969 Dr J. Roseblade (Cambridge)
Group rings of finitely generated nilpotent
298 8 May 1969 Professor L. Charlap (Pennsylvania and Oxford)
Characteristic classes for modules over groups
299 29 May 1969 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
The class group of the integral group ring of a finite abelian group
300 9 October 1969 Professor G. Higman (Oxford)
Permutation representations of <2,3,7>
301 16 October 1969 Dr D. Barnes (Sydney and Queen Mary College)
Lie algebra analogues of a theorem on finite
302 23 October 1969 Professor A. DOld (Heidelberg)
Hopf algebras in abelian categories
303 30 October 1969 Professor G. M. Bergman (Berkeley and Bedford College)
Skew-fields of non-commuting rational functions after Amitsur
304 6 November 1969 Professor J. Mennicke (Göttingen)
Linear groups over rings of integers
305 13 November 1969 Professor A. W. Goldie (Leeds)
Rings with polynomial identities
306 27 November 1969 Dr B. Baumslag (Imperial College)
The N-generator ascending chain condition
for free groups in nilpotent and metabelian varieties
307 4 December 1969 Professor G. B. Seligman (Yale and Queen Mary College)
Lie algebras of algebraic and formal groups
308 12 January 1970 Dr J. R. Sylvester (King’s College)
Presentations of general linear groups
309 22 January 1970 Professor J. Martinet (Bordeaux and King’s College)
Invariants in group algebras and Galois
310 29 January 1970 Dr B. Fischer (Frankfurt and Warwick)
Centralizers of involutions in
311 5 February 1970 Dr C. B. Thomas (University College)
Atiyah’s conjecture for groups with periodic
312 12 February 1970 Dr J. H. Conway (Cambridge)
The new simple groups
313 16 February 1970 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Forms over group rings
314 26 February 1970 Professor W. Gaschütz (Kiel)
315 5 March 1970 Dr B. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary College)
Supersoluble linear groups
316 12 March 1970 Professor W. Feit (Yale and Cambridge)
Some remarks on integral representations of finite
317 30 April 1970 Dr E. Berlekamp (Bell Telephone)
A survey of algebraic [coding?] theory
318 7 May 1970 Professor R. Baer (Zürich)
Automorphism groups of algebraically closed
319 14 May 1970 Professor B. H. Neumann (I.A.S. Canberra and Cambridge)
Algebraically closed semigroups
320 28 May 1970 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
K-theory of unimodular quadratic forms
over rings of integers
321 22 October 1970 Dr R. Dark (Cambridge)
The lower central series of a free product of
groups of prime order
322 29 October 1970 Professor A. M. Macbeath (Birmingham)
Geometrical methods of proving theorems in
323 5 November 1970 Dr I. B. S. Passi (Kurukshetra and Queen Mary College)
The dimension subgroup problem
324 12 November 1970 Professor P. M. Cohn (Bedford College)
Universal skew fields of fractions
325 26 November 1970 Professor I. G. Macdonald (Oxford)
Affine Weyl groups and Dedekind’s eta-function
326 3 December 1970 Professor O. H. Kegel (Queen Mary College)
Minimum conditions in groups
327 14 January 1971 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
X5X-1 or a problem of
E. Artin
328 28 January 1971 Professor M. E. O’Nan (Rutgers)
Doubly transitive permutation groups
329 4 February 1971 Professor D. Foulser (Chicago Circle and Westfield College)
Recent results in translation planes
330 11 February 1971 Dr C. Robson (Leeds)
Idealizer rings
331 25 February 1971 Professor G. Rinehart (Cornell)
Singular homology as a derived functor
332 4 March 1971 Dr B. Hartley (Warwick)
Injective modules and soluble groups with min-n
333 11 March 1971 Professor W. S. Martindale (Amherst and Bedford College)
Generalized polynomial identities in rings
334 17 March 1971 Professor J. L. Alperin (Chicago)
Conjugacy classes of p-elements
335 29 April 1971 Dr J. Sylvester (King’s College)
The K2 of a free associative algebra and an extension of Nagao’s theorem
336 6 May 1971 Professor M. Artin (M.I.T. and Warwick)
Azumaya algebras and maximal orders on surfaces
337 13 May 1971 Professor R. Brauer (Harvard)
Some unsolved problems in the theory of finite
338 27 May 1971 Dr J. Rose (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
Embedding finite groups subnormally in complete
finite groups
339 3 June 1971 Professor K. A. Hirsch (Queen Mary College)
Conjugacy in polycyclic groups
340 10 June 1971 Dr M. J. Dunwoody (Sussex)
Problems on group presentations arising from
problems in topology
341 14 October 1971 Professor F. Kasch (München)
Simple submodules of cogenerators
342 25 October 1971 Dr H. Koch (Berlin)
One-dimensional formal groups over local rings and finite fields
343 28 October 1971 Dr H. Koch (Berlin)
The classfield tower over quadratic number
344 4 November 1971 Dr J. L. Britton (Canterbury)
Existence of infinite Burnside groups
345 11 November 1971 Professor J.-P. Serre (Paris)
Some parity questions
346 15 November 1971 Dr J. Wiegold (Cardiff)
Simple proofs of some results on multiplicators
347 25 November 1971 Dr A. Rae (Cambridge and Queen Mary College)
Sylow p-subgroups of p-soluble
348 2 December 1971 Professor G. Glauberman (Chicago and Oxford)
Sylow 2-subgroups of finite groups
349 9 December 1971 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Picard groups of non-commutative rings
350 14 January 1972 Dr M. Slater (Bristol)
Free alternative rings
351 27 January 1972 Dr S. Brenner (Liverpool)
Large modules over small algebras
352 3 February 1972 Dr J. Milne (Ann Arbor and King’s College)
Weil-Chatelet groups over local fields
353 10 February 1972 Dr E. Matlis (Evanston and Bedford College)
Decompositions of torsion-free modules
354 14 February 1972 Professor R. Baer (Zürich)
Direct decompositions into primary components
355 2 March 1972 Dr W. Stephenson (Bedford College)
Distributive rings and modules, or a non-commutative
generalisation of Prüfer rings
356 9 March 1972 Professor L. Solomon (Wisconsin and Queen Mary College)
The affine group: Bruhat decomposition and Steinberg
357 13 March 19972 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Normal integral bases and Artin root numbers for
quaternion fields
358 27 April 1972 Professor B. C. Mazur (Harvard)
Elliptic curves and modular forms
359 4 May 1972 Dr P. Smith (Glasgow)
Localization in non-commutative Noetherian
360 5 May 1972 Professor P. Schupp (Illinois)
The conjugacy problem for groups of alternating
361 11 May 1972 Professor G. C. Shepherd (East Anglia)
Positive bases for real linear spaces
362 18 May 1972 Professor W. Jehne (Köln)
Stone-Cech compactification and algebraic number fields
363 23 May 1972 Professor L. Bernstein (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Units and fundamental units in algebraic number
364 25 May 1972 Professor W. Scharlau (Münster)
Hermitian forms over group rings and orders
365 1 June 1972 Professor M. Knebusch (Saarbrücken)
Zeros of quadratic forms in transcendental field
366 8 June 1972 Dr B. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary College)
Generalised free products of linear groups
367 13 June 1972 Professor J. Strooker (Utrecht)
Some approaches to higher K-functors
368 12 October 1972 Professor S. A. Amitsur (Jerusalem)
The existence of non-crossed product division
369 23 October 1972 Professor M. Eichler (Basle)
Arithmetics of quaternion algebras and modular
370 26 October 1972 Professor D. Eisenbud (Brandeis)
Zeros of polynomials
371 2 November 1972 Professor G. Bergman (Berkeley)
Profinitary objects
372 9 November 1972 Professor J. Thompson (Cambridge)
Groups of order prime to 3
373 20 November 1972 Professor A. Dress (Bielefeld)
Induction theorems for orthogonal representations
of finite groups
374 23 November 1972 Professor D. Gorenstein (Rutgers)
What makes a group a direct product
375 30 November 1972 Professor R. Richardson (Durham)
Cohomology of groups and deformations of discrete
376 7 December 1972 Professor S. MacLane (Chicago)
Sets, sheaves and topoi
377 11 January 1973 Professor M. Sweedler (Cornell)
Simple algebras arising from affine algebras
378 25 January 1973 Professor C. T. C. Wall (Liverpool)
Algebraic L-theory
379 25 January 1973 Dr G. Segal (Oxford)
The symmetric groups and homotopy theory
380 1 February 1973 Dr J. E. Roseblade (Cambridge)
Irreducible modules over polycyclic groups
381 8 February 1973 Professor R. Baer (Zürich)
Aautomorphism groups of groups with finite orbits
of bounded length
382 22 February 1973 Dr G. Lusztig (Warwick)
The discrete series representations of the general
linear groups over a finite field
383 1 March 1973 Professor H. Wielandt (Tübingen)
Subnormality in finite groups
384 8 March 1973 Professor H. Bass (Columbia)
Growth of finitely generated groups
385 15 March 1973 Professor K. W. Roggenkamp (Bielefeld)
Relation modules of finite groups
386 26 April 1973 Professor I. Reiner (Illinois)
Class groups of orders
387 3 May 1973 Professor J. A. Green (Warwick)
Homological invariants for group
388 10 May 1973 Dr M. J. Dunwoody (Sussex)
Relation modules
389 24 May 1973 Professor A. Rosenberg (Cornell)
Signatures on semi-local rings
390 31 May 1973 Professor J. Martinet (Bordeaux)
Normal basis theorems
391 7 June 1973 PRofessor P. Fong (Chicago Circle)
Centralizers of p-elements in finite
392 11 October 1973 Professor T. R. Berger (Minnesota)
The structure of primitive representations of
solvable groups
393 25 October 1973 Professor M. Lazard (Paris)
Commutative formal groups
394 1 November 1973 Professor M. Auslander (Brandeis)
Categorical methods in the representation theory of Artin algebras
395 8 November 1973 Professor M. Harada (Osaka and Leeds)
Factor categories and the
Krull-Remak-Schmidt-Azumaya theorem
396 22 November 1973 Professor G. Higman (Oxford)
A theorem of Swan and some applications
397 29 November 1973 Dr G. G. Wraith (Sussex)
Elementary toposes and universal algebra
398 6 December 1973 Dr M. Jarden (Heidelberg)
Algebraic extensions of Hilbertian fields of
finite corank
399 10 January 1974 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Galois modules
400 24 January 1974 Professor D. Rees (Exeter)
Associated prime ideals

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