Colloquia 601-800

601 21 October 1982 Professor D. Anick (MIT & Stockholm)
Connexions between Yoneda and Pontrjagin algebras
602 28 October 1982 Professor P. J. Higgins (Durham)
The fundamental group and other invariants of an orbit space
603 4 November 1982 Professor F. C. Piper (Westfield College)
Applications of algebra to cryptography
604 11 November 1982 Professor R. Phillips (East Lansing & Cambridge)
Locally finite simple groups
605 25 November 1982 Dr J. R. J. Groves (Melbournse & UMIST)
Drawing valuations of fields
606 2 December 1982 Dr D. F. Holt (Warwick)
The computation of centralizers in p-groups, and an application
607 9 December 1982 Dr W. Dicks (Bedford College)
Automorphisms of free algebras
608 20 January 1983 Professor A. Rosenberg (Cornell)
Reduced Witt rings of higher level
609 27 January 1983 Professor L. Scott (U. Virginia & QMC)
Maximal subgrops and non-abelian 1-cohomology
610 3 February 1983 Professor D. Buchsbaum (Brandeis & QMC)
Schur functors and Schur complexes
611 10 February 1983 Professor I. Reiner (Illinois & King’s College)
The prime ideal theorem in non-commutative arithmetic
612 24 February 1983 Professor F. T. Farrell (Ann Arbor & QMC)
The Whitehead groups of polycyclic-by-finite groups
613 3 March 1983 Professor J. G. Thompson (Cambridge)
The realization of certain simple groups as Galois groups of number fields
614 10 March 1983 Professor K. Roggenkamp (Stuttgart & QMC)
Indecomposable representations of orders
615 5 May 1983 Dr J. McKay (McGill & Cambridge)
Some conjectures and theorems arising from computations in group theory
616 12 May 1983 Professor H. Matsumura (Nagoya & Warwick)
On p-bases of fields and of commutative rings
617 19 May 1983 Professor A. Fröhlich (IC & Cambridge)
Principal orders and Gauss sums
618 26 May 1983 Professor A. Zaks (IIT Haifa & Berkeley)
Local rings with prescribed restricted Grothendieck group
619 2 June 1983 Professor P. Menal (Barcelona & Bedfird College)
The von Neumann regular ring associated with a Rickart C*-algebra
620 9 June 1983 Professor A. M. W. Glass (Bowling Green, Ohio)
The word problem for lattice-ordered groups
621 23 June 1983 Professor J. Tits (Paris)
On Griess’s construction of the Monster
622 13 October 1983 Professor D. Eisenbud (Brandeis)
Recent progress in our knowledge of algebraic curves
623 20 October 1983 Dr A. Lubotzky (Bar-Ilan)
Varieties of representations of infinite groups
624 27 October 1983 Dr M. J. Taylor (Cambridge)
Rings of integers and elliptic functions
625 3 November 1983 Dr D. Segal (UMIST)
Equivalence of binary forms
626 17 November 1983 Professor J.-L. Loday (Strasbourg)
Cyclic homology
627 24 November 1983 Dr C. J. Bushnell (King’s College)
GLn and Gauss sums
628 1 December 1983 Professor N. Blackburn (Manchester)
Recent results on finite p-groups
629 8 December 1983 Professor A. O. Morris (Aberystwyth)
Representations of Weyl groups
630 18 January 1984 Dr P. Webb (Manchester)
Auslander-Reiten sequences in group representation theory
631 26 January 1984 Professor J. A. Green (Warwick)
Functorial representation theory
632 2 February 1984 Professor J. I. Hall (Michigan State and Oxford)
Low degree cohomology of some classical finite groups
633 9 February 1984 Professor J. Lewin (Syracuse and Bedford)
Non-free projectives over group rings
634 23 February 1984 Professor D. J. S. Robinson (Illinois & QMC)
Decision problems for infinite soluble groups
635 1 March 1984 Professor I. M. Isaacs (Wisconsin & Oxford)
Characters of solvable groups
636 15 March 1984 Professor M. Lorenz (Max Planck Institute Bonn & Leeds)
Group rings and division rings
637 3 May 1984 Professor L. Small (La Jolla and Leeds)
Constructing affine rings
638 10 May 1984 Professor J. F. Carlson (U. of Georgia & Oxford)
The variety of a module
639 17 May 1984 Dr U. Webb (Cardiff)
Almost all p-groups have automorphism group a p-group
640 31 May 1984 Professor E. Kirkman (Wake Forest U. & Leeds)
On the centre of a hereditary ring
641 7 June 1984 Dr P. H. Kropholler (Cambridge)
On the cohomology of soluble groups and some group-theoretic applications
642 14 June 1984 Dr C. B. THomas (Cambridge)
A K-theoretic analogue to Tate-Farrell cohomology, and applications to arithmetic groups
643 21 June 1984 Professor A. Mann (Hebrew University Jerusalem & QMC)
J. S. Rose’s non-splitting theorems and the Frattini module
644 11 October 1984 Professor P. M. Cohn (University College)
Coproducts of ordered systems
645 18 October 1984 Professor A. Fröhlich
Serre’s formula for the trace form
646 25 October 1984 Dr S. Brenner (Liverpool)
The shape of Auslander-Reiten quivers
647 1 November 1984 Professor A. Rosenberg (Cornell & Dortmund)
Candidates for non-reduced higher types of Witt rings
648 8 November 1984 Dr M. Dunwoody (Sussex)
Accessibility of finitely presented groups
649 15 November 1984 Professor S. Rosset (Tel-Aviv & University College)
Euler characteristics of virtually polycyclic groups
650 22 November 1984 Professor E. Bannai (Ohio & QMC)
The classification problem of (P and Q)-polynomial association schemes
651 29 November 1984 Professor M. Broué (Paris)
Source algebras in the theory of representations of finite groups
652 6 December 1984 Professor P. C. Kutzko (Iowa & King’s College)
Induction theorems for p-adic groups
653 17 January 1985 Dr F. E. A. Johnson (University College)
Isotypic groups admit irreducible lattices
654 24 January 1985 Dr C. H. Houghton (Cardiff)
Wreath products and shape via cohomology
655 31 January 1985 Dr W. Plesken (Queen Mary College)
Group rings of finite groups over p-adic integers
656 7 February 1985 Professor J. L. Alperin (Chicago)
The Green correspondence
657 14 February 1985 Professor I. Reiner (Urbana & King’s College)
Analytic methods in non-commutative number theory
658 21 February 1985 Dr P. J. Cameron (Oxford)
Ubiquitous relational structures
659 28 February 1985 Professor J.-P. Serre (Collège de France)
Subgroups of GLn(Fp)
660 7 March 1985 Dr P. J. Rowley (UMIST)
Rank 2 groups: an arborial approach
661 14 March 1985 Dr J. R. Sylvester (King’s College)
On the denominator of two polynomials
662 25 April 1985 Dr S. Donkin (Queen Mary College)
p-adic Lie algebras and Conjecture C of Leedham-Green and Newman on pro-p-groups
663 2 May 1985 Professor K. McCrimmon (University of Virginia)
The Russian revolution in Jordan algebras
664 9 May 1985 Professor J. Thompson (Cambridge)
Galois action and Fuchsian equations
665 16 May 1985 Dr P. Webb (Manchester)
Simplicial complexes associated to groups
666 23 May 1985 Dr K. A. Brown (Glasgow)
Localisation in Noetherian rings
667 30 May 1985 Professor K. R. Goodearl (Utah)
Information retrieval from Grothendieck groups: K0 of rings and C*-algebras
668 6 June 1985 Professor B. Mitchell (Rutgers University)
Separable monoid algebras
669 10 October 1985 Professor U. Stammbach (ETH, Zürich)
On the projectives of a modular group algebra
670 17 October 1985 Professor R. W. Carter (Warwick)
Raising and lowering operators in the representation theory of reductive groups
671 24 October 1985 Professor I. G. Macdonald (QMC)
Zonal polynomials
672 31 October 1985 Dr K. Erdmann (Oxford)
Algebras and blocks of tame representation type
673 7 November 1985 Dr G. R. Robinson (UMIST)
Isometries between character rings of finite groups
674 14 November 1985 Professor J. A. Green (Warwick)
Simple functors and simple modules
675 21 November 1985 Professor L. McCullogh (Illinois & Cambridge)
Stickelberger modules and integral group rings
676 28 November 1985 Professor A. Dress (Bielefeld)
Combinatorial theory of metric spaces and application in combinatorial group theory
677 5 December 1985 Professor B. L. Osofsky (Rutgers & Oxford)
Endomorphism rings of free modules
678 12 December 1985 Professor W. D. Burgess (Ottawa)
Cartan matrices and finite global dimension of Artinian rings
679 16 January 1986 Professor W. S. Martindale III (U. Mass & University College)
The normal closure of coproducts of rings
680 23 January 1986 Dr G. D. James (Imperial College)
Decomposition matrices of GLn(q)
681 30 January 1986 Dr J. Rosenknop
Description of homologies of a module over a polynomial ring
682 6 February 1986 Professor R. Geoghegan (SUNY at Binghampton & IHES)
The analogy between certain groups of homeomorphisms of the circle and discrete subgroups of Lie groups
683 13 February 1986 Professor P. E. Schupp (Illinois and LITP)
Finiteness conditions in group theory and formal language theory
684 13 February 1986 Professor B. Eckmann (ETH Zürich and Cambridge)
Cyclic homology of groups and the Bass conjecture
685 20 February 1986 Professor J. J. Rotman (Illinois and Queen Mary College)
Projective planes of order n
686 27 February 1986 Professor K. W. Gruenberg (Queen Mary College)
Swan invariants and the partial free Euler characteristics of a finite group
687 6 March 1986 Professor R. Göbel (Essen and Oxford)
Applications of abelian groups to field theory
688 13 March 1986 Professor J. G. Thompson (Cambridge)
Hecke operators on non congruence subgroups of the modular group
689 20 March 1986 Dr W. Dicks (UCL)
The cohomology of one-relator algebras
690 24 April 1986 Dr P. M. Neumann (Oxford)
Some partially ordered groups: answers to questions of Frege and Dummett
691 1 May 1986 Professor D. Bressoud (Penn State and Université Louis Pasteur)
Combinatorial evaluation of definite integrals, an approach to the Macdonald conjectures
692 8 May 1986 Professor A. J. berrick (Singapore, Oxford and Imperial)
McLain groups and Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces
693 15 May 1986 Dr M. Liebeck (Imperial)
The subgroup structure of finite simple groups
694 15 May 1986 Professor D. Gorenstein (Rutgers and Paris)
Constructing a satisfactory proof of the classification of finite simple groups
695 22 May 1986 Dr A. H. M. Hoare (Birmingham)
Geometrically finite groups
696 29 May 1986 Dr J. Howie (Glasgow)
High-powered relations
697 5 June 1986 Professor K. R. Fuller (Iowa and Leicester)
The Nakayama Conjecture
698 12 June 1986 Professor W. Jehne (Köln and Cambridge)
Separable Adele algebras and a presentation of Weil groups
699 4 October 1986 Professor J. C. Coates (Cambridge)
The Selmer group of an elliptic curve
700 16 October 1986 Dr A. H. Schofield (UCL)
The n-subspace problem
701 23 October 1986 Dr P. Slodowy (Liverpool)
The icosahedron and the equation of the 5th degree
702 30 October 1986 Professor J. Mennicke (Bielefeld)
Discrete subgroups of SL2(C)
703 30 October 1986 Professor D. Quillen (Oxford)
704 6 November 1986 Dr I. Chiswell (QMC)
Length functions
705 13 November 1986 Professor A. Juhasz (Weizmann Institute and Glasgow)
Some recent developments in small cancellation theory
706 20 November 1986 Professor H. Zassenhaus (Ohio)
Completion of near fields
707 27 November 1986 Professor E. C. Turner (SUNY and QMC)
Automorphisms of free products
708 27 November 1986 Dr R. Stöhr (Berlin and Glasgow)
Zero-dimensional homology of groups in higher relation modules
709 4 December 1986 Professor G. Mason (UC Santa Cruz and Oxford)
Finite groups and Hecke operators
710 15 January 1987 Professor B. Wehrfritz (QMC)
Skew linear groups and crossed products
711 22 January 1987 Professor A. Fröhlich (IC)
Units as Galois modules
712 29 January 1987 Professor P. Fong (Illinois)
Brauer theory in finite classical groups
713 5 February 1987 Dr M. Ronan (QMC)
Representations using presheaves and geometry
714 12 February 1987 Professor W. Kimmerle (Stuttgart and QMC)
On the isomorphism problem of integral group rings
715 19 February 1987 Professor L. Makar-Limanov (Wayne State and UC)
Subnormal subgroups in skew fields
716 26 February 1987 Professor C. W. Curtis (Oregon and Essen)
Refinements of the Bruhat decomposition
717 5 March 1987 Professor J. Ritter (Augsburg)
Congruence subgroups and units in integral group
718 12 March 1987 Dr P. Kropholler (Cambridge)
The zero divisor problem for soluble group rings
719 19 March 1987 Professor C. Hering (Tübingen)
Factorizations of finite simple groups
720 19 March 1987 Dr P. Scott (Liverpool)
Fundamental groups of 3-manifolds
721 30 April 1987 Professor J. D. O’Neill (Detroit)
Direct products of modules
722 7 May 1987 Dr W. Plesken (QMC)
An algorithmic approach to finite factor groups of finitely presented groups
723 14 May 1987 Professor M. Harris (Minnesota and Oxford)
Crossed product and symmetric algebras
724 14 May 1987 Professor S. Bachmuth (Santa Barbara and QMC)
Finitely generated “free” groups whose automorphism groups are infinitely generated
725 21 May 1987 Dr S.-P. Chan (Cambridge and Singapore)
Relative Lubin-Tate formal group schemes and Galois-module structure
726 28 May 1987 Professor I. Reiten (Trondheim and Liverpool)
Two-dimensional orders of finite representation
727 4 June 1987 Professor S. Geller (Texas A&M)
Computing the cyclic homology of graded rings
728 4 June 1987 Dr W. Dicks (UCL)
Groups acting on trees
729 8 October 1987 Dr J. T. Stafford (Leeds)
Differential operators on classical rings of invariants
730 15 October 1987 Dr M. W. Liebeck (Imperial College)
Simple Moufang loops
731 22 October 1987 Professor P. J. Cameron (Queen Mary College)
Character values of finite groups
732 29 October 1987 Dr S. Donkin (Queen Mary College)
Conjugating representations and adjoint
representations of algebraic groups
733 5 November 1987 Dr D. J. Collins (Queen Mary College)
Symmetric automorphisms of free groups
734 12 November 1987 Professor E. F. Assmus (Lehigh)
Arcs and ovals of designs
735 19 November 1987 Dr D. J. Benson (Oxford)
Specht modules and cohomology of mapping class groups
736 26 November 1987 Professor Cheryl E. Praeger (Western Australia)
Kronecker classes of fields and a problem in group theory
737 3 December 1987 Dr S. van Geel (Ghent)
Orders over polynomial rings
738 10 December 1987 Dr J. S. Wilson (Cambridge)
Products of infinite soluble groups
739 21 January 1988 Professor G. Higman (Oxford)
Some almost free groups
740 28 January 1988 Professor J. Berrick (Singapore and Cambridge)
Acyclic groups
741 4 February 1988 Dr M. C. R. Butler (Liverpool)
Some problems in the representation theory of tame algebras
742 11 February 1988 Dr J. Saxl (Cambridge)
Groups and characters
743 18 February 1988 Dr J. A. Thevenaz (Manchester)
G-algebras and multiplying modules
744 25 February 1988 Professor G. Michler (Essen and Manchester)
On the conjectures of Alperin and Mackay
745 3 March 1988 Professor J. J. Seidel (Eindhoven and Queen Mary College)
Noneuclidean geometry and combinatorics
746 10 March 1988 Dr C. J. Bushnell (King’s College)
GLN of a local field
747 17 March 1988 Professor G. Cliff (Edmonton and Manchester)
Torsion-free space groups and permutation modules for finite groups
748 28 April 1988 Professor J. Carlson (Atlanta and Manchester)
Exponents of modules and maps
Dr A. Camina (East Anglia)
Automorphism groups of block designs (continued)
749 5 May 1988 Dr S. M. J. Wilson (Durham)
Class groups and rings of integers
750 12 May 1988 Professor D. G. Higman (Michigan)
Some questions concerning coherent algebras
Professor J. Alperin (Chicago and Manchester)
Permutation modules
751 26 May 1988 Mr D. Burns (Cambridge)
Factorisability, group lattices and Galois-module structure
752 2 June 1988 Professor L. Kovács (Canberra)
Brauer character rings of finite general linear groups
753 13 October 1988 Dr A. N. Pressley (King’s London)
Unitary representations of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras
754 20 October 1988 Professor B. Hartley (Manchester)
Some recent results on simple, locally finite groups
755 27 October 1988 Professor I. G. Macdonald (Queen Mary College)
A new class of symmetric functions
756 3 November 1988 Professor D. N. Verma (TIFR Bombay)
A structural introduction to representations of the symmetric and general linear groups, and their Young tableaux
757 10 November 1988 Professor M.-A. Knus (E.T.H. Zürich)
Reduced Pfaffians and some applications
758 17 November 1988 Professor A. Pasini (Naples and Queen Mary College)
Extensions of automorphism groups of classical generalized quadrangles
759 24 November 1988 Professor P. M. Cohn (University College London)
Specialization in semifirs
760 1 December 1988 Professor R. Brown (Bangor)
Some homological and homotopical applications of a non-abelian tensor product of groups
761 8 December 1988 Professor M. H. Stein (Northwestern University)
Relative K2 for quotients of rings of integers
762 15 December 1988 Professor E. E. Shult (Kansas State and QMC)
Geometric hyperplanes in Lie geometries
763 19 January 1989 Dr A. Schofield (University College London)
The semi-invariants of quivers
764 26 January 1989 Dr M. Y. Prest (Manchester)
Duality and pure-semisimple rings
765 2 February 1989 Professor R. Carter (Warwick)
Deligne-Lusztig theory and block theory
766 9 February 1989 Professor J. Dixon (Oxford)
Computing subfields using permutation groups and p-adic extensions
767 16 February 1989 Professor B. A. F. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary College)
Generalizations of Zalesskii’s theorems
768 23 February 1989 Dr M. C. R. Butler (Liverpool)
Bocses, induced modules and tilting
769 2 March 1989 Dr G. D. James (Imperial College)
Decomposition matrices of GLN(q)
770 9 March 1989 Dr J. A. Hillamn (Durham)
Subnormal subgroups of 3-dimensional Poincaré duality groups
771 16 March 1989 Dr P. M. Neumann (Oxford)
A combinatorial problem in group theory
772 27 April 1989 Professor D. Hayes (Massachusetts and Imperial College)
Gauss sums and the Brumer-Stark conjecture
773 4 May 1989 Professor B. L. Osofsky (Rutgers and Exeter)
Some ways in which set theory has affected
774 11 May 1989 Professor M. Taylor (UMIST)
Trace forms and rings of integers
775 18 May 1989 Professor P. E. Schupp (Urbana and Paris VII)
The domino problem and hyperbolic geometry
776 25 May 1989 Professor Y. Drozd (Kiev)
Representation of pure noetherian algebras
777 1 June 1989 Professor Y. Kuzmin (Moscow and Manchester)
Homology theory of free abelianized extensions
778 8 June 1989 Professor D. Kazhdan (Harvard)
Representations of Kac-Moody Lie algebras over the integers
779 12 October 1979 Dr C. J. Bushnell (London KQC)
Recent developments in the theory of p-adic groups
780 19 October 1979 Dr G. R. Robinson (UMIST)
Generating completely reducible linear groups
781 26 October 1989 Dr C. J. B. Brookes (Cambridge)
Finite presentability and coadjoint orbits of Lie groups
782 2 November 1989 Professor D. R. Hughes (QMW)
Extended partial geometries
783 9 November 1989 Professor R. J. Milgram (Stanford and Edinburgh)
Cohomology of some finite simple groups and applications
784 16 November 1989 Dr M. Edjvet (Nottingham)
Equations over groups
785 23 November 1989 Dr A. H. M. Hoare (Birmingham)
Automorphisms of free products
786 30 November 1989 Professor L. Gordeev (Leningrad and Durham)
The qualitative problems of the theory of linear groups and invariant theory
787 7 December 1989 Professor R. Y. Sharp (Sheffield)
A method for the study of Artinian modules over commutative rings
788 18 January 1990 Professor B. Venkov (Leningrad and Cambridge)
32-dimensional even unimodular lattices
789 25 January 1990 Dr M. du Sautoy (QMW)
Finitely generated groups, p-adic analytic groups and Poincaré groups
790 1 February 1990 Dr N. P. Byott (Oxford)
Cleft extensions of Hopf algebras
791 8 February 1990 Professor P. Vamos (Exeter)
Decomposing modules
792 22 February 1990 Professor P. M. Cohn (UCL)
Rank functions on rings
793 1 March 1990 Dr D. Solomon (UMIST)
Galois-module structure of unit groups of number fields
794 8 March 1990 Professor V. Dlab (Carleton and Warwick)
The structure of quasi-hereditary algebras
795 15 March 1990 Dr C. R. Leedham-Green (QMW)
Simple Lie algebras and nilpotent groups
796 22 March 1990 Dr H.-J. Hoehnke (Karl-Weierstrass-Institut)
Connections between structure theory of algebras and theory of forms
797 3 May 1990 Professor J. J. Rotman (Oxford)
Collineation groups of finite projective planes
798 10 May 1990 Professor A. Weiss (Edmonton and QMW)
Summands of permutation modules
799 17 May 1990 Dr J. van Bon (Cambridge)
Distance-transitive graphs
800 24 May 1990 Professor K. W. Gruenberg (QMW)
More resolutions for finite groups

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