Colloquia 401-600

401 31 January 1974 Professor K. W. Gruenberg (Queen Mary College)
Augmentation ideals of finite groups
402 7 February 1974 Dr B. Hartley (Warwick)
Augmentation termini of locally finite groups
403 14 February 1974 Professor M. F. Atiyah (Oxford)
L-functions in number theory and differential geometry
404 28 February 1974 Dr F. C. Piper (Westfield COllege)
t-designs and their automorphism groups
405 7 March 1974 Professor W. H. Wheeler (Indiana University and Bedford College)
On existentially closed division rings
406 14 March 1974 Professor H. K. Farahat (Calgary and Warwick)
Homological dimension of an abelian group over its endomorphism ring
407 25 April 974 Dr J. C. Robson (Leeds)
Krull dimension and applications to Noetherian rings
408 2 May 1974 Professor J. R. Strooker (Utrecht)
The fundamental group of GL2 for a field
409 9 May 1974 Professor J. L. Fisher (Alberta)
The category of epic R-fields
410 16 May 1974 Professor K. Harada (Ohio and Cambridge)
Simple group of order
411 23 May 1974 Professor V.Dlab (Carleton, Ottawa)
Representations of valued graphs
412 30 May 1974 Dr C. R. Hajarnavis (Warwick)
Classical localization in non-commutative rings
413 3 October 1974 Professor J. Wiegold (Cardiff)
Estimate concerning cycles in transitive permutation
414 10 October 1974 Dr A. Wagner
Linear groups of degree 4 and 5
415 24 October 1974 Dr J. Wilson (Cambridge)
Constructions for characteristically simple groups
416 28 October 1974 Professor H. Jacobinski (Illinois)
Representation of orders over Dedekind domains
417 31 October 1974 Professor J. A. Green (Warwick)
Discrete series modules
418 4 November 1974 Professor S. Eilenberg (Columbia University, New York)
On p-groups
419 7 November 1974 Dr W. J. Dicks (Bedford College)
Colimits in the category of rings
420 14 November 1974 Professor D. G. Northcott (Sheffield)
Finite free resolutions
421 28 November 1974 Professor W. D. Burgess (Ottawa and Bedford College)
Order completions of commutative regular rings
422 5 December 1974 Professor Olga TAussky (California Institute of Technology)
Some facts concerning integral matrices
423 9 January 1975 Dr P. M. Neumann (Oxford)
One of Fried’s problems on permutation groups
424 16 January 1975 Professor V. Dlab (Carleton, Ottawa)
Classification of linear transformations
425 23 January 1975 Professor P. J. Higgins (King’s College)
A two-dimensional van Kampen theorem
426 27 January 1975 Professor P. J. Higgins (King’s College)
Double groupoids and crossed modules
427 30 January 1975 Dr B. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary College)
Faithful representations of metabelian groups
428 6 February 1975 Professor R. L. E. Schwarzenberger (Warwick)
Crystallography in higher dimensions
429 13 February 1975 Professor P. M. Cohn (Bedford College)
Numerators and denominators
430 20 February 1975 Professor V. A. Artamonov (Moscow State University and Bedford
Finite algebras with no proper subalgebras
431 27 February 1975 Professor K. W. Roggenkamp (Stuttgart and Queen Mary College)
Group theory and integral representation theory
432 6 March 1975 Dr I. M. Chiswell (Birmingham)
Trace functions and Euler characteristics of groups
433 13 March 1975 Professor U. Stammbach (E.T.H., Zürich)
On localization of groups
434 24 April 1975 Professor G. E. Wall (Sydney and Queen Mary College)
Lie rings and p-groups
435 1 May 1975 Dr R. Bieri (Queen Mary College)
Poincaré duality and cobordisms in group theory
436 8 May 1975 Dr W. Stephenson (Bedford College)
Solving problems in ring theory using Pierce sheaves
437 15 May 1975 Professor S. Lang (Yale)
The Fermat curve and the modular curve
438 22 May 1975 Professor H. Flanders (Tel Aviv and University College)
Some concrete matrix theory
439 29 May 1975 Dr P. J. Cameron (Bedford College)
Multiple transitivity and primitivity in permutation
440 5 June 1975 Professor G. Baumslag (City University of New York)
Finitely presented groups
441 26 June 1975 Professor D. G. Higman (Ann Arbor)
Monomial theory of modular representations
442 9 October 1975 Professor I. G. Macdonald (Manchester)
GLn: one aspect of Langlands’
443 16 October 1975 Professor C. T. C. Wall (Liverpool)
Free actions of finite groups on spheres
444 23 October 1975 Professor D. R. Hughes (Westfield College)
Some recent developments in resolutions and decompositions of designs
445 30 October 1975 Dr D. Segal (Queen Mary College)
The structure of modules for finitely generated nilpotent groups
446 6 November 1975 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Character theory and number theory
447 13 November 1975 Dr J. McConnell (Leeds)
Enveloping algebras of Lie algebras – a survey
448 20 November 1975 Professor A. Rhemtulla (Edmonton and Warwick)
Sufficient conditions for a group to be ordered
449 27 November 1975 Professor L. McCulloh (Illinois)
Galois module structure – Kummer extensions
450 4 December 1975 Professor J. Dixon (Carleton, Ottawa)
Nilpotence in linear groups
451 8 December 1975 Professor J. Dixon (Carleton, Ottawa)
Rigidity in the matrix ring Mat(n,K)
452 15 January 1976 Dr M. E. Keating (Imperial College)
Whitehead groups of maximal orders and tame symbols on division algebras
453 22 January 1976 Dr M. Vaughan-Lee (Oxford)
Finiteness conditions on commutators
454 29 January 1976 Professor J. Thompson (Cambridge)
Recent results in finite simple group theory
455 5 February 1976 Dr M. Tretkoff (Oxford)
A topological approach to HNN-extension and the theory of groups acting on trees
456 12 February 1976 Dr C. R. Leedham-Green (Queen Mary College)
On p-groups of maximal class
457 19 February 1976 Professor G. Evans (Illinois, Urbana)
General position and special position in commutative ring theory
458 26 February 1976 Dr J. Coates (Cambridge)
l-adic representations and Hurwitz numbers
459 4 March 1976 Professor C. Hering (Tübingen)
An application of representation theory to finite geometry
460 29 April 1976 Dr M. C. R. Butler (Liverpool)
Almost split sequences and irreducible modules
461 6 May 1976 Professor N. Blackburn (Manchester)
Some theorems on p-groups
462 13 May 1976 Professor M. Aschbacher (California Institute of Technology)
Finite simple groups of odd type
463 20 May 1976 Professor D. Eisenbud (Brandeis and IHES)
Quadratic forms, finite dimensional algebras and the topological degree of a differentiable map
464 27 May 1976 Professor L. Scott (Virginia)
Cohomology and relation modules of polyhedral groups
465 14 October 1976 Professor K. W. Gruenberg (Queen Mary College)
Arithmetic problems concerned with presentations of finite groups
466 21 October 1976 Dr D. J. Collins (Queen Mary College)
Embedding groups and the conjugacy problem
467 28 October 1976 Professor A. M. Macbeath (Birmingham)
A strange kind of Euler characteristic
468 4 November 1976 Professor P. J. Hilton (Battelle Institute and Case)
G-groups and G-spaces
469 11 November 1976 Professor E. F. Assmus (Lehigh)
Planes and biplanes
470 18 November 1976 Dr P. T. Johnstone (Cambridge)
Rings, fields and spectra
471 2 December 1976 Dr R. Y. Sharp (Sheffield)
Fibre rings of flat homomorphisms of commutative Noetherian rings
472 9 December 1976 Dr C. J. Mulvey (Sussex)
Sheaves and the Gelfand representation
473 20 January 1977 Dr D. Kirby (Southampton)
474 27 January 1977 Dr G. Cauchon (Paris and Leeds)
Skew polynomial rings over simple Artinian rings
475 3 February 1977 Professor K. A. Hirsch (Queen Mary)
Groups with finite automorphism groups
476 10 February 1977 Professor L. Ribes (Carleton)
Free profinite groups
477 17 February 1977 Professor D. Passman (Wisconsin and Warwick)
Describing ideals in group rings
478 24 February 1977 Professor S. Ullom (Urbana and King’s College)
Class groups of integral group rings
479 3 March 1977 Professor R. Baer (Zürich and Warwick)
Sylow tower groups
480 10 March 1977 Professor W. Gaschütz (Kiel and Warwick)
Some number-theoretic aspects of subgroup criteria in finite groups
481 17 March 1977 Professor B. Huppert (Mainz and Warwick)
Groundfield extensions in representation theory of finite groups
482 5 May 1977 Professor K. R. Goodearl (Utah and Leeds)
Von Neumann-regular rings and Choquet simpexes
483 12 May 1977 Professor I. Reiner (Urbana)
Invariants of integral representations
484 19 May 1977 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s)
485 26 May 1977 Dr M. Taylor (King’s)
Class groups and other topics
486 9 June 1977 Professor L. Fuchs (Tulane)
The classification of abelian p-groups
487 9 June 1977 1977 Professor K. R. Fuller (Iowa)
Rings of distributive module type
488 13 October 1977 Professor J. W. S. Cassels (Cambridge)
Embedding fields in p-adic fields
489 20 October 1977 Dr P. Vamos (Sheffield)
The story of the solution of Kaplansky’s problem, or the characterization of commutative rings for which every finitely generated module is a direct sum of cyclics
490 27 October 1977 Professor W. Ledermann (Sussex)
Schur’s multiplier
491 10 November 1977 Professor P. J. Higgins (King’s College)
Some algebraic categories arising in homotopy theory
492 17 November 1977 Dr F. E. A. Johnson (University College)
Units in group rings of residually finite groups
493 24 November 1977 Dr D. E. Cohen (Queen Mary College)
An easy proof of the unsolvability of the word problem for finitely presented groups
494 8 December 1977 Dr W. J. Dicks (Bedford College)
Koszul resolutions over mixed free and commuting polynomial rings
495 12 January 1978 Professor D. G. Higman (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Virtual and generic adjacency algebras
496 19 January 1978 Dr J. H. Conway (Cambridge)
The Frobenius-Schur indicator
497 26 January 1978 Professor M. R. Stein (Northwestern University and King’s College)
The K-theory of cyclic p-groups
498 2 February 1978 Dr J. Wilson (Cambridge)
Serial subgroups
499 16 February 1978 Professor B. A. F. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary College)
Metabelian groups, nilpotence and semilinear maps
500 27 April 1978 Professor K. A. Hirsch (Queen Mary College)
Algebra in London over the last 25 years
Professor I. G. Macdonald (Queen Mary College)
Conjugacy classes in classical groups
501 23 February 1978 Dr J. Huebschmann (Heidelberg)
Crossed pairs – a generalisation of crossed modules,
with applications to the construction of groups with a given sub-quotient
502 2 March 1978 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Parity problems and normal integral bases, 1958-1978
503 9 March 1978 Dr W. Stephenson (Bedford College)
How to get rid of central idempotents
504 16 March 1978 Professor A. Regev (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot)
Application of the character theory of the symmetric groups to rings with polynomial identities
505 4 May 1978 Professor P. M. Cohn (Bedford College)
Valuations on skew fields
506 11 May 1978 Dr C. R. Hajarnavis (Warwick)
The invertible ideal theorem
507 18 May 1978 Professor P. Schupp (University of Illinois)
Groups and automata
508 25 May 1978 Professor D. Harrison (University of Oregon and King’s College)
Double coset spaces and probability groups
509 12 October 1978 Dr P. M. Neumann (Oxford)
Group theoretical problems of the nineteenth century
510 19 October 1978 Cr D. H. Houghton (Cardiff)
Ends of permutation groups and cohomology
511 26 October 1978 Dr C. Bushnell (King’s College)
Galois distributions in Galois orbits
512 2 November 1978 Dr R. Bryant (UMIST)
Groups with the minimal condition on centralizers
513 9 November 1978 Professor J. F. Adams (Cambridge)
Algebraic closure in an unfamiliar context
514 16 November 1978 Dr M. F. Newman (Canberra and Cardiff)
Algebra and computers
515 23 November 1978 Dr T. Stafford (Cambridge)
On quotient rings of noetherian rings
516 30 November 1978 Dr Y. Bahturin (Moscow and Bedford College)
Sone recent results on varieties of Lie algebras
517 7 December 1978 Dr S. McKay (Queen Mary College)
On the solubility length of finite p-groups
of large class
518 18 January 1979 Dr W. A. Hodges (Bedford College)
Recent applications of logic to group theory
519 25 January 1979 Dr I. M. Chiswell (QMC)
Length functions and embedding theorems for
520 1 February 1979 Professor I. I. Lichtman (Ben Gurion and Manchester)
The ideals of the group ring of a free product
521 8 February 1979 Professor L. M. McCulloch (Urbana and King’s College)
Stickelberger ideals and Galois module structure
522 15 February 1979 Professor P. M. Cohn (Bedford College)
The universal field of fractions of a semifir
523 22 February 1979 Professor H. W. Leopoldt (Karlsruhe and King’s College)
Galois theory
524 1 March 1979 Professor S. U. Chase (Cornell and King’s College)
Torsion Galois module structure in local and global fields
525 8 March 1979 Professor G. Glauberman (Chicago and Oxford)
Characteristic subgroups of Sylow subgroups
526 15 March 1979 Dr D. R. Lane (City of London Poly)
Free algebras of rank 2 with some geometrical
527 3 May 1979 Dr M. H. Peel (North East London Poly)
Ideals in group rings
528 10 May 1979 Professor G. I. Lehrer (Sydney and Warwick)
Spherical complexes associated to algebraic
529 17 May 1979 Dr D. Holt (Warwick)
Transfer theorems in locally finite groups
530 26 May 1979 Dr W. K. Nicholson (Calgary and Leicester)
Normal classes of rings
531 31 May 1979 Professor W. W. Boone (Illinois and Oxford)
The possibility of doing recursive function theory
on an abstract group
532 18 October 1979 Professor R. Brown (Bangor)
Higner-dimensional group theory
533 25 October 1979 Professor L. K. Hua (Peking and Birmingham)
Geometry of matrices over division rings
534 1 November 1979 Dr T. H. Lenagan (Edinburgh)
Gelfand-Kirillov dimension of algebras
535 8 November 1979 Professor J. A. Green (Warwick)
Polynomial representations of GLn
536 22 November 1979 Dr C. Bushnell (King’s College)
Lattices over orders and classical
537 29 November 1979 Professor B. Hartley (Manchester)
Relative higher relation modules
538 6 December 1979 Dr P. Cameron (Oxford)
Orbits of permutation groups on finite subsets
539 17 January 1980 Professor M. Jarden (Jerusalem and King’s College)
Normal automorphisms of absolute Galois groups of p-adic fields
540 24 January 1980 Dr M. Dunwoody (Sussex)
Groups acting on graphs
541 31 January 1980 Dr G. D. James (Cambridge)
Gram matrices for symmetric groups
542 7 February 1980 Dr A. J. Berrick (Imperial College)
Higher algebraic K-theory
543 14 February 1980 Professor A. Heinecke (U. Western Ontario and Leeds)
Some instances of Morita duality
544 28 February 1980 Dr D. Segal (UMIST)
Arithmetic groups and decision problems
545 6 March 1980 Professor R. Steinberg (UCLA and Queen Mary College)
An elementary proof of the congruence subgroup
546 13 March 1980 Professor A. Mann (Jerusalem and Oxford)
Generators of p-groups
547 1 May 1980 PRofessor C. Ayob (Penn State and Warwick)
Constructions in polynomial rings over Z
548 8 May 1980 Dr U. Webb (Queen Mary College)
Automorphisms of finitely generated nilpotent groups
549 22 May 1980 Dr P. Webb (Cambridge)
The growth of projective resolutions for finite groups
550 29 May 1980 Dr W. Dicks (Bedford College)
Sylvester domains
551 5 June 1980 Dr P. Menal (Barcelona and Bedford College)
Cancellation of modules
552 9 October 1980 Dr A. H. M. Hoare (Birmingham)
Length functions in groups
553 23 October 1980 Dr S. Donkin (Warwick)
Polycyclic groups, Lie algebras and algebraic groups
554 30 October 1980 Dr A. R. Camina (East Anglia)
Permutation groups and designs
555 6 November 1980 Dr S. Norton (Cambridge)
Modular functions related to groups
556 13 November 1980 Dr D. Johnson (Nottingham)
Rational tangles
557 20 November 1980 Professor I. Reiner (Illinois and King’s College)
Functions of orders
558 27 November 1980 Dr M. J. Taylor (Queen Mary College)
Normal integral bases and Artin root numbers
559 4 December 1980 Dr J. Howie (Edinburgh)
A geometric method applied to group theory
560 8 January 1981 Professor J. Lambek (McGill and Oxford)
Heraclitus and modern mathematics
561 15 January 1981 Professor D. Robinson (Illinois and Cardiff)
Automorphism groups
562 22 January 1981 Dr N. Biggs (Royal Holloway College)
Groups and graphs
563 29 January 1981 Professor J. Tate (Harvard and IHES)
On Stark’s conjecture on
L’s(o,x) and a proof of a function field version
564 5 February 1981 Professor P. M. Cohn (Bedford College)
Automorphism groups of free algebras
565 12 February 1981 Professor A. Fröhlich (King’s College)
Gauss sums and simple algebras
566 26 February 1981 Professor P. Freyd (University of Pennsylvania and Cambridge)
Splitting homotopy idempotents in algebra and topology
567 5 March 1981 Dr R. Hart (Leeds)
Isomorphisms between projective modules, and K0 of skew polynomial rings
568 12 March 1981 Professor R. Lyndon (Michigan and Queen Mary College)
Non-parabolic subgroups of the modular group, products of permutations, and cubic graphs
569 7 May 1981 Dr F. Rhodes (Southampton)
A near-ring associated with GF(2)(X0,X1,…,Xn)|Xi2=Xi
570 21 May 1981 Professor J. L. Alperin (Chicago and Oxford)
Representations, varieties and projective
571 28 May 1981 Professor H. Bass (Columbia and École Normale Supéreure)
Polynomial maps with constant Jacobian
572 11 June 1981 Professor R. B. Warfield (Seattle and Cambridge)
K-theory and stability for non-commutative
Noetherian rings
573 15 October 1981 Professor B. Eckmann (Zürich)
Characteristic classes of representations of finite groups
574 22 October 1981 Dr M. J. Collins (Oxford)
Clifford theory, filtrations and projective modules
575 29 October 1981 Dr J. T. Stafford (Cambridge)
Krull and global dimension of Noetherian P.I. rings
576 5 November 1981 Dr R. Sandling (Manchester)
The isomorphism problem and units in group rings
577 12 November 1981 Dr T. O. Hawkes (Warwick)
Subgroups by numbers
578 26 November 1981 Professor K. W. Gruenberg (Queen Mary College)
Decomposition of relation modules
579 3 December 1981 Professor D. Rees (Exeter)
Regular local rings and Artin rings
580 10 December 1981 Professor R. L. Snyder (Virginia Poly and Cambridge)
Division rings of fractions of group algebras
581 14 January 1982 Dr G. Lehrer (Sydney University)
Generic algebras and representation theory
582 21 January 1982 Professor E. Formanek (Pennsylvania State University and Bedford College)
The ring of generic matrices
583 25 January 1982 Dr A. Lubotzky (Ban-Ilam University and Columbia University)
Presentations of groups, pro-p-groups, and 3-manifolds
584 28 January 1982 Professor B. A. F. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary College)
Group algebras with finite central endomorphism dimension
585 4 February 1982 Dr D. J. Collins (Queen Mary College)
Aspherical group presentations
586 11 February 1982 Dr P. Linnell (UMIST)
On accessibility of groups
587 18 February 1982 Professor I. N. Herstein (University of Chicago)
Theorems of Brauer-Cartan-Hua type
588 4 March 1982 Professor D. R. Hughes (Westfield College)
Buekenhout diagrams and designs, with an application
to the Higman-Sims group
589 11 March 1982 Professor I. G. Macdonald (Queen Mary College)
On the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff formula
590 18 March 1982 Professor J. G. Thompson (Cambridge University)
Characters of some finite groups via the Riemann-Roch theorem
591 29 April 1982 Dr J. McConnell (Leeds)
A non-commutative version of the Nullstellensatz
592 6 May 1982 Mr A. Schofield (Bedford College)
Does the Kuros subgroup theorem hold for skew field coproducts?
593 13 May 1982 Professor J. F. Adams (Cambridge)
The exceptional Lie groups
594 13 May 1982 Professor P. J. Hilton (SUNY, Binghampton)
Pseudo-identities and nilpotent groups
595 20 May 1982 Professor M. Auslander (Brandeis University)
Groups, vector spaces and bilinear forms
596 27 May 1982 Professor P. Schupp (University of Illinois at Urbana)
Behaviour at infinity – ends, automata and second-order logic
597 3 June 1982 Dr J. Brinkhuis (King’s College)
Galois modules and embeddings of fields
598 10 June 1982 Professor S. A. Amitsur (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Generic methods in finite-dimensional division algebras
599 24 June 1982 Professor R. Bieri (University of Frankfurt)
Metabelian groups with finitely generated resolutions
600 14 October 1982 Professor G. Higman (Oxford)
Enumerative geometry, Galois theory, and combinatorics

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