Colloquia 1401-1600


1400 12th October 2017 Chris Bowman (Kent)
Complex reflection groups of type G(l,1,n) and their deformations
1401 1th October 2017 John MacQuarrie (UFMG)
The path algebra as a left adjoint functor
1402 26th October 2017 Alexander Molev (Sydney)
Vinberg’s problem for classical Lie algebras
1403 9th November 2017 Joanna Fawcett (Imperial)
Partial linear spaces with symmetry
1404 16th November 2017 Dan Segal (Oxford)
Small profinite groups
1405 23rd November 2017 Jason Semeraro (Leicester)
Representations of Fusion Systems
1406 23rd November 2017 double Charlotte Kestner (Imperial)
Strongly Minimal Semigroups
1407 Dugald MacPherson (Leeds)
Model theory of profinite groups
1408 14th December 2017 Florian Eisele (City)
A counterexample to the first Zassenhaus conjecture
1409 18th January 2018 Simon Peacock (Bristol)
Representation dimension and separable equivalences
1410 25th January 2018 Ivan Tomašić (Queen Mary)
Cohomology of difference algebraic groups
1411 1st February 2018 Joseph Karmazyn (Sheffield)
Equivalences of singularity categories via noncommutative algebras
1412 8th February 2018 Eugenio Giannelli (Cambridge)
Restriction of characters to Sylow p-subgroups
1413 15th February 2018 Ivo Dell’Ambrogio (Lille)
A categorification of the representation theory of finite groups
1414 22nd March 2018 David Pauksztello (Lancaster)
Silting theory and stability spaces
1415 29th March 2018 Wajid Mannan (Queen Mary)
Non-standard syzygies over quaternion groups
1416 5th April 2018 Nadia Mazza (Lancaster)
On a pro-p group of upper triangular matrices
1417 5th April 2018 Sira Gratz (Glasgow)
Homotopy invariants of singularity categories