Colloquia 1201-1400


1200 16 Oct 2014 John Enyang (City)
Homomorphisms between cell modules of the Brauer algebra
1201 12 March 2009 Christopher Voll (Southampton)
Representation zeta functions of compact p-adic analytic groups
1202 19 March 2009 Ralph Stöhr (Manchester)
Modular Lie powers of relation modules and free central extensions of groups
1203 14 May 2009 David Stewart (Imperial College)
Reductive subgroups of the exceptional algebraic groups,
or some calculations in low degree non-abelian cohomology
1204 21 May 2009, 3:30pm Pham Tiep (Arizona)
Low-dimensional representations of finite simple groups and conjectures of Katz, Kollar, and Larsen
1205 21 May 2009, 5pm Robert Guralnick (UCLA)
Presentations and cohomology
1206 11 June 2009 Mikhail Ershov (Virginia)
Kazhdan quotients of Golod-Shafarevich groups
1207 8 October 2009 Colin Reid (Queen Mary)
Subgroups of finite index and the just infinite property
1208 15 October 2009 Robert Wilson (Queen Mary)
The large Ree groups
1209 22 October 2009 Matthew Fayers (Queen Mary)
Irreducible Specht modules for
Iwahori–Hecke algebras of type A—revisited
1210 29 October 2009 Roger Bryant (Manchester)
Periodicity of Adams operations on Green rings
1211 5 November 2009 John S. Wilson (Oxford)
Free subgroups in abstract groups and pro-p groups with few relators
1212 12 November 2009 Jonathan Elmer (Queen Mary)
Separating algebras
1213 19 November 2009 Charles W. Eaton (Manchester)
Minimal non-zero heights of irreducible characters
1214 3 December 2009 Martin Edjvet (Nottingham)
Embedding theorems for cyclically presented groups
1215 10 December 2009 Thomas W. Müller (Queen Mary)
A class of groups universal for free R-tree actions
1216 17 December 2009 Jérémie Guilhot (East Anglia)
Kazhdan–Lusztig cells in
affine Weyl groups of rank 2
1217 21 January 2010 Gwyn Bellamy (Edinburgh)
Rational Cherednik algebras at t=0
1218 28 January 2010 Peter Webb (Minnesota)
The representation type of IE categories
1219 28 January 2010 John Duncan (Cambridge)
Monstrous moonshine and black holes
1220 4 February 2010 Cornelia Drutu (Oxford)
Analogies between lattices in semisimple groups and mapping class groups
1221 11 February 2010 Simon Goodwin (Birmingham)
Finite dimensional irreducible modules for finite W-algebras associated to even multiplicity nilpotents in classical Lie algebras
1222 18 February 2010 Andrzej Żuk (Paris 7)
L² Betti numbers of closed manifolds
1223 18 February 2010 Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)
The Waring problems for finite simple groups
1224 25 February 2010 Shaun Stevens (East Anglia)
Simple characters and the Jacquet–Langlands correspondence
1225 11 March 2010 Yiftach Barnea (Royal Holloway)
Abstract commensurators of profinite groups
1226 18 March 2010 Anthony Henderson (Sydney)
Pieces of nilpotent cones for classical groups
1227 29 April 2010 Andrei Marcus (Babeş–Bolyai University)
Crossed products, Brauer groups and Clifford algebras
1228 6 May 2010 Anne Thomas (Oxford)
Lattices in exotic groups
1229 13 May 2010 Graham Niblo (Southampton)
Means, cohomology and group actions
1230 20 May 2010 Plamen Kochloukov (Campinas, Brasil)
Verbally prime algebras: tensor products and PI equivalence
1231 7 October 2010 Robert T. Curtis (Birmingham)
The Rudvalis group from the geometry of L4(2)
1232 14 October 2010 Anton Evseev (Queen Mary)
The McKay conjecture and Brauer’s induction theorem
1233 21 October 2010 Mark Wildon (Royal Holloway)
Commuting conjugacy classes: an overview
1234 28 October 2010 Peter J. Cameron (Queen Mary)
The automorphism groups of the random graph and its relatives
1235 4 November 2010 David A. Craven (Oxford)
Units and the Unit Conjecture
1236 11 November 2010 Paul J. Flavell (Birmingham)
A new proof of the Nonsolvable Signalizer Functor Theorem
1237 18 November 2010 Peter M. Neumann (Oxford)
The triple product property in finite groups
1238 25 November 2010 Derek F. Holt (Warwick)
Algorithms for and numbers of generators of finite matrix groups
1239 2 December 2010 Jonathan I. Hall (Michigan State)
Moufang loops and groups with triality are essentially the same thing
1240 16 December 2010 Bertram A. F. Wehrfritz (Queen Mary)
Matrices and Soluble Groups
1241 20 January 2011 Dan Segal (Oxford)
Generators and commutators in finite groups, and profinite applications
1242 27 January 2011 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (Louvain)
Simple locally compact groups and branching
1243 3 February 2011 Ashot Minasyan (Southampton)
Constructing non-hereditarily conjugacy separable groups
1244 10 February 2011 Corneliu Hoffman (Birmingham)
Classifying amalgams of linear groups and generalizations
1245 24 February 2011 Martin Kassabov (Southampton)
Bounding the residual finiteness of free groups
1246 3 March 2011 Balazs Szegedy (Toronto)
Gowers norms and higher order Fourier analysis
1247 10 March 2011 Miklós Abért (Budapest)
Groups and graph limits
1248 17 March 2011 Nick Gill (Open University)
Is Babai afraid of spiders?
1249 24 March Dimitri Leemans (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Regular and Chirally Regular Abstract Polytopes
1250 5 May 2011 Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)
Generation, random generation, and the Chebotarev invariant of finite groups
1251 12 May 2011 Jan Saxl (Cambridge)
Variations on themes of Burnside
1252 2nd June Lukasz Grabowski (Imperial)
Generalization of the word problem and products of lamplighters
1253 30 June 2011 Ákos Seress (Ohio State)
Computations of centralizers of involutions
1254 29 September 2011 Eamonn O’Brien (Auckland)
A new model for computation in matrix groups
1255 6 October 2011 Charles Leedham-Green (Queen Mary)
Can we classify p-groups?
1256 13 October 2011 Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck)
Beauville surfaces, structures and groups
1257 20 October 2011 Matthew Fayers (Queen Mary)
Decomposable Specht modules
1258 27 October 2011 Evgeny I. Khukhro (Novosibirsk/Nottingham)
Finite groups admitting a Frobenius group of automorphisms with fixed-point-free kernel
1259 3 November 2011 Joanna B. Fawcett (Cambridge)
Bases of primitive diagonal groups
17 November 2011 Double-header
1260 Sergey Shpectorov (Birmingham)
Griess-type algebras
1261 Hans Cuypers (Eindhoven)
Geometric characterizations of
symplectic groups, modules and Lie algebras
1262 24 November 2011 Sarah Astill (Bristol)
Fixed-point-free automorphisms of p-groups
1263 1 December 2011 Robert A. Wilson (Queen Mary)
Quaternionic quaternions and the compact real form of E7
1264 12 January 2012 John Britnell (Bristol)
The probability that two elements of a finite group are conjugate
1265 19 January 2012 Benjamin Klopsch (Royal Holloway)
Representation growth of arithmetic groups and invariance under base change
1266 26 January 2012 Maud De Visscher (City)
Simple modules for the Brauer algebra
1267 2 February 2012 Tim Burness (Southampton)
Extremely primitive groups
1268 9 February 2012 David Stewart (Oxford)
Bounding and unbounding Ext for algebraic groups
1269 16 February 2012 Jarek Kedra (Aberdeen)
Distortion in groups
1270 23 February 2012 Agata Smoktunowicz (Edinburgh)
A curious encounter of groups
and noncommutative rings
1271 1 March 2012 Dawid Kielak (Oxford)
Linear and free representations of Out(Fn)
1272 8 March 2012 Jonathan Kiehlmann (Imperial)
Strange isomorphisms and Abelian profinite groups
1273 15 March 2012 John MacQuarrie (Bristol)
Modular representations of profinite groups
1274 17 May 2012 Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)
More words on words
1275 24 May 2012 Ian Leary (Southampton)
Platonic polygonal complexes
1276 31 May 2012 Arturo Pianzola (University of Alberta)
Reductive group schemes,
torsors and extended affine Lie algebras
1277 11 October 2012 Markus Linckelmann (City)
Simple modules and quasi-hereditary twisted category algebras
1278 18 October 2012 Ivan Tomašić (QMUL)
Multiplicity in difference geometry
1279 25 October 2012 Radha Kessar (City)
Classifying blocks of simple groups
1280 1 November 2012 Alexander Premet (Manchester)
Derived subalgebras of nilpotent centralisers, finite W-algebras, and completely prime primitive ideals
1281 8 November 2012 Will Donovan (Edinburgh)
Derived categories, braid groups and resolutions of singularities
1282 15 November 2012 Jeremy Rickard (Bristol)
Support varieties and blocks
1283 22 November 2012 Rowena Paget (Kent)
Deflating characters of symmetric groups
1284 29 November 2012 Behrang Noohi (QMUL)
Galois cohomology of crossed-modules and cohomology of reductive groups
1285 6 December 2012 Konstantin Ardakov (QMUL)
Quantised rigid analytic cotangent bundles
1286 13 December 2012 Thomas Müller (QMUL)
Group actions, deformations, and group presentations
1287 10 January 2013 Chris Bowman (Paris 7)
The partition algebra and the Kronecker coefficients
1288 17 January 2013 Gareth Jones (Southampton)
Beauville groups and surfaces
1289 24 January 2013 Jack Button (Cambridge)
Tripling of finite sets in infinite non-abelian groups
1290 31 January 2013 Charles Eaton (Manchester)
Donovan’s conjecture
1291 7 February 2013 Amarpreet Rattan (Birkbeck)
New formulae for structure constants in the symmetric group
1292 14 February 2013 Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
Partition-homogeneity and applications
1293 21 February 2013 Chris Parker (Birmingham)
Commuting graphs in finite groups
1294 28 February 2013 Martin Bridson (Oxford)
Fuchsian groups are determined by their finite quotients
1295 7 March 2013 Donna Testerman (EPFL)
Irreducible maximal subgroups of classical algebraic groups
1296 21 March 2013 Alastair Litterick (Imperial)
Finite sugroups of exceptional algebraic groups
1297 26 April 2013 (at 15:30) Colin Reid (Newcastle, NSW)
Locally normal subgroups of simple totally disconnected groups
1298 26 April 2013 (at 17:00) Dugald Macpherson (Leeds)
Model theory of finite and pseudofinite groups
1299 16 May 2013 Jeroen Schillewaert (Imperial)
Geometry of exceptional Lie algebras à la Tits
1300 23 May 2013 Nikolai Nikolov (Oxford)
Coset identities on finite almost simple groups and applications
1301 6 June 2013 Mark Wildon (Royal Holloway)
Orbit coherence in permutation groups
1302 13 June 2013 Anton Cox (City)
Brauer algebras associated to non-exceptional complex reflection groups
1303 10 October 2013 Robert Marsh (Leeds)
Twists of Plücker coordinates as dimer partition functions
1304 24 October 2013 Burkhard Kulshammer (Jena)
Some problems in block theory
1305 31 October 2013 Nicole Snashall (Leicester)
The Ext algebra of a Brauer graph algebra
1306 7 November 2013 Gunter Malle (Kaiserslautern)
Simple endotrivial modules for quasi-simple groups
1307 14 November 2013 Rob Wilson (QMUL)
How to cook up E8 with an OXO cube
1308 21 November 2013 Peter Symonds (Manchester)
Finite subgroups of the Nottingham group and Katz–Gabber covers
1309 21 November 2013 Ben Martin (Auckland)
Maximal subgroups of simple algebraic groups
1310 28 November 2013 Dave Benson (Aberdeen)
Isomorphisms in the cohomology of finite groups
1311 5 Dec 2013 Gabriel Navarro (Valencia)
Brauer’s Problem 50 Years on
1312 12 Dec 2013 Meinolf Geck (Stuttgart)
Algebraic groups and computational algebra
1313 9 Jan 2014 Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck)
Do geneticists dream of electric Mathieu groups (and if so, do they use all the world’s washing machines in the process)?
1314 16 Jan 2014 Karin Erdmann (Oxford)
Bismash products as category algebras
1315 23 Jan 2014 Chris Braun (City)
Noncommutative localisation of algebras and modules
1316 30 Jan 2014 Nick Inglis
Multiplicity-free permutation characters of finite classical groups
1317 6 Feb 2014 Sinéad Lyle (UEA)
Graded decomposition numbers for Ariki–Koike algebras for blocks of small weight
1318 13 Feb 2014 Eugenio Giannelli (RHUL)
From Foulkes modules to the decomposition matrix of the symmetric group
1319 20 Feb 2014 Alex Fink (QMUL)
Frobenius splitting of matrix Schubert varieties and Gaussian graphical models
1320 27 Feb 2014 Shaun Stevens (UEA)
Blocks for modular representations of inner forms of p-adic GL(n)
1321 6 Mar 2014 Joe Grant (Leeds)
Braid groups and quiver mutation
1322 13 Mar 2014 Peter Jørgensen (Newcastle)
Ptolemy diagrams and torsion pairs in cluster categories of Dynkin type A
1323 20 Mar 2014 Simona Paoli (Leicester)
Higher dimensional categorical structures in topology and algebra
1324 27 Mar 2014 Jan Grabowski (Lancaster)
Clusters, combinatorics, grading, twisting and quantization
1325 1 May 2014 Said Sidki (Brasilia)
Virtual endomorphisms of groups
1326 15 May 2014 Bart de Bruyn (Ghent)
Results on generalized quadrangles having regular points
1327 22 May 2014 Oliver King (City)
Modular representation theory of diagram algebras
1328 29 May 2014 Alonso Castillo Ramirez (Imperial)
Associative subalgebras of Majorana algebras
1329 5 Jun 2014 David Stewart (Cambridge)
On the smoothness of normalisers—and other animals
1330 12 Jun 2014 Simon Guest (Imperial)
Primitive groups and regular cycles of group elements
1331 19 Jun 2014 Charles Leedham-Green (QMUL)
Black box algorithms for classical groups in even characteristic
1332 9 Oct 2014 Matt Towers (Imperial)
Restricted enveloping algebras
Homomorphisms between cell modules of the Brauer algebra
1334 23 Oct 2014 Anne Thomas (Glasgow)
Graphs of groups and C* algebras
1335 30 Oct 2014 Adam Thomas (Imperial)
Generalised representations and the subgroup structure of the exceptional algebraic groups
1336 6 Nov 2014 Richard Weiss (Tufts)
Descent groups
1337 13 Nov 2014 Jay Taylor (EPFL)
Generalised Gelfand–Graev Representations in Small Characteristics
1338 20 Nov 2014 Liron Speyer (QMUL)
Graded representation theory of the symmetric group
1339 27 Nov 2014 Shigeo Koshitani (Chiba)
Small 1-PIMs
1340 4 Dec 2014 Inna Capdeboscq (Warwick)
On some pro-p groups arising from infinite Lie theory
1341 11 Dec 2014 Alina Vdovina (Newcastle)
Beauville structures, buildings and p-adic analytic groups
1342 29 Jan 2015 Joe Chuang (City University)
Tilings for symmetric groups
1343 5 Feb 2015 Jacques Thévenaz (EPFL, Lausanne)
The representation theory of finite sets
1344 19 February 2015 Ian Leary (Southampton)
Brown’s question on the dimension of discrete groups
1345 26 February 2015 Sejong Park (Galway)
Fusion systems and bisets
1346 5 Mar 2015 David Craven (Birmingham)
Minimally active modules
1347 12 Mar 2015 Radu Stancu (Picardie)
Simple biset functors and the double Burnside ring
1348 19 March 2015 Vanessa Miemietz (UEA)
Isomorphisms of affine Schur algebras
1349 26 March 2015 Gerhard Hiss (Aachen)
Branching graphs for classical groups and crystal graphs of Fock spaces
1350 2 April 2015 Pham Huu Tiep (Arizona)
Representations of finite groups: conjectures, reductions, and
1351 7 May 2015 Ryan Vinroot (College of William and Mary)
Real-valued characters of finite reductive groups
1352 28 May 2015 Emilio Pierro (Birkbeck)
The Möbius function of the Small Ree Groups
1353 18 June 2015 Nick Gill (South Wales)
The nilpotency graph of a finite group
1354 25 June 2015 Julian Brough (Cambridge)
Arithmetical conditions on vanishing conjugacy classes
1355 30 July 2015 Fred Goodman (Iowa)
Murphy bases of Brauer, BMW, and partition algebras
1356 8th October 2015 Travis Schedler (Imperial)
Generalized Kostka polynomials from Poisson–de Rham homology of nilpotent cones
1357 15th October 2015 Joe Kileel (Berkeley)
Hadamard Products of Linear Spaces
1358 22nd October 2015 Gerald Williams (Essex)
Finite Groups Arising in the Study of Asphericity
1359 29th October 2015 David Evans (Imperial)
Extremely amenable subgroups of infinite permutation groups
1360 5th November 2016 Jens Funke (Durham)
Theta Functions and Modular Forms
1361 19th November 2015 Sebastian del Bano Rollin (QMUL)
Homotopy is not concrete
1362 26th November 2015 Lukasz Grabowski (Warwick)
Analogs of the von Neumann dimension in finite characteristic
1363 3rd December 2015 Sarah Hart (Birkbeck)
Product-free sets in groups
1364 3rd December 2015 Kiyokazu Nagatomo (Osaka)
Characterisation of the minimal series of Virasoro vertex operator algebras
1365 10th December 2015 Paul Johnson (Sheffield)
Lattice Points and Simultaneous Core Partitions
1366 28th January 2016 Sean Eberhard (Oxford)
Permutations fixing a k-set
1367 4th February 2016 Martin Liebeck (Imperial)
Probability, generation and algorithms for simple groups
1368 25th February 2016 Simon Goodwin (Birmingham)
Modular representation of gln
1369 3rd March 2016 Rudolf Tange (Leeds)
Highest weight vectors and transmutation
1370 17th March 2016 Konstanze Rietsch (KCL)
Polytopes and mirror symmetry grassmannians
1371 19th May 2016 Jonathan Elmer (Middlesex)
Symmetric powers and modular invariants of elementary abelian p-groups
1372 2nd June 2016 Bernd Sturmfels (Berkeley)
Eigenvectors of tensors
1373 6th June 2016 Double Liron Speyer (Osaka)
Graded decomposition numbers for the diagrammatic Cherednik algebra
1374 Ben Webster (Virginia)
The discreet charm of the Coulomb branch
1375 16th June 2016 Leonard Soicher (QMUL)
Using algebra to get a new upper bound on the clique number of a strongly regular graph with given parameters
1376 23rd June 2016 Alex Malcolm (Imperial)
The involution width of a finite simple group
1377 6th October 2016 Michael Bate (York)
Geometric Invariant Theory without Etale Slices
1378 13th October 2016 Lewis Topley (Bristol)
Modular finite W-algebras and their applications
1379 20th October 2016 Jan Grabowski (Lancaster)
Recovering automorphisms of quantum spaces
1380 27th October 2016 Robert Marsh (Leeds)
Dimer models and cluster categories of Grassmannians
1381 3rd November 2016 Jorge Vitoria (City)
Silting modules and ring epimorphisms
1382 10th November 2016 Florian Eisele (City)
Tame blocks
1383 17th November 2016 Neil Saunders (City)
On the Exotic Springer Correspondence
1384 24th November 2016 Kevin McGerty (Oxford)
Kirwan surjectivity for quiver varieties
1385 1st December 2016 Mark Wildon (Royal Holloway)
Plethysms: permutations, weights and Schur functions
1386 8th December 2016 Tim Burness (Bristol)
Generating simple groups and their subgroups
1387 19th January 2017 Alex Fink (Queen Mary)
Characteristic polynomials from reciprocal planes in two ways
1388 26th January 2017 Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck)
A Baby, Some Bathwater & What I Did on my Holidays
1389 2nd Febrary 2017 Behrang Noohi (Queen Mary)
Explicit HRS-tilting
1390 16th Febrary 2017 Chimere S. Anabanti (Birkbeck)
Three questions of Bertram on locally maximal sum-free sets
1391 23rd Febrary 2017 Rieuwert J. Blok (Bowling Green State University, Ohio, visiting Birmingham (UK))
3-spherical Curtis–Tits groups
1392 2nd March 2017 Michael Wibmer (University of Pennsylvania)
Differential Embedding Problems over Complex Function Fields
1393 16th March 2017 Susama Agarwala (US Naval Academy)
Mixed Tate Motives from Graphs
1394 23rd March 2017 Ben Smith (QMUL)
An Algebraic Approach to Generalised Frobenius Numbers
1395 30th March 2017 Alla Detinko (St Andrews)
Computing with infinite linear groups: methods, algorithms and applications
1396 8th June 2017 Jay Taylor (Arizona)
Harish-Chandra Induction and Lusztig’s Jordan Decomposition of Characters
1397 22nd June 2017 Arik Wilbert (Bonn)
Two-block Springer fibers and Springer representations in type D
1398 29th June 2017 Benjamin Briggs (Bonn)
The characteristic action of Hochschild cohomology, and Koszul duality
1399 4th July 2017 Andrew Mathas (Sydney)
Jantzen filtrations and graded Specht modules
1400 10th July 2017 Olaf Schnürer (Bonn)
Geometric applications of conservative descent for semi-orthogonal decompositions


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