This site contains the records of the London Algebra Colloquium. This colloquium began in 1950 and, remarkably, we have virtually complete records right back to the first colloquium. These were mostly accumulated by Karl Gruenberg, whose own talks to the colloquium spanned a period of over fifty years.

The process of transferring records is now (December 2013) complete. All the records can be accessed from the menu item “Records” under the site banner.

The banner shows a picture of Al-Khwarizmi (whose book gave us the word “Algebra”), the title page of one of the most celebrated papers in algebra (the Feit–Thompson theorem on solvability of groups of odd order), the logos of the four universities currently supporting the colloquium (City, Imperial, Queen Mary and Birkbeck), and a London photograph by Peter Cameron.

Currently the Colloquium organisers are John Britnell (Imperial), Markus Linckelmann (City), John Bray (Queen Mary) and Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck). Please contact one of these organisers if you find a problem with the records.


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