This term’s seminars

In Summer 2016 the LAC will be at Imperial College, except for two seminars at City University on 6 June. The seminars at Imperial will be at 5pm in room Huxley 130 unless otherwise stated. Those at City will be at the times advertised below, in room Bg02.

19 May Jonathan Elmer (Oxford) Symmetric powers and modular invariants of elementary abelian p-groups
2 June Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley) Eigenvectors of Tensors
6 June at City 15.30: Liron Speyer (Osaka) Graded decomposition numbers for the diagrammatic Cherednik algebra
Same 17.15: Ben Webster (Virginia) The discreet charm of the Coulomb branch
16 June Leonard Soicher (QMUL) Using algebra to get a new upper bound on the clique number of a strongly regular graph with given parameters
23 June Alex Malcolm (Imperial) The involution width of a finite simple group
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